Breathable Intake


What is a Breathable Intake?

A Breathable Intake is an aftermarket modification for your home's central heating and/or air conditioning system, which allows it to accept high-performance air filters that were designed for the unique indoor air quality demands of homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a result of this modification, your central air system would be converted into a central air cleaner. 

Can I use a Breathable Intake filter on my current central heater/ac?

While any forced air furnace/ac would benefit from a Breathable Intake filter, a Filter Pod that supports this standard of filters is required. 

What's a Filter Pod?

A Breathable Intake Filter Pod is essentially the filter housing that would allow you to use a Breathable Intake filter. Generally, it is thicker than the 1-2 inch thick housing that is most likely installed on your forced-air system.

How does a Breathable Intake performs compared to the air filter I am using now?

Over 95% of Bay Area homes use a 1-inch thick filter. If that is the case for you, a Breathable Intake would dramatically outperform the filters you are currently using as it offers 2-20 times the filtration efficiency for sub-micrometer air pollutants, reduce the operation costs of your central air system due to its low pressure-drop, and cut filter replacement related maintenance by at least 75%.

What are the benefits of a lower pressure drop?

Reducing the overall pressure drop in a central air system allows the system to operate at lower static pressure. This requires less fan horsepower, which significantly reduces energy consumption, cost, and environmental impact.

How frequently should I replace a Breathable Intake filter?

About once a year, or after a major air-polluting event such as a wildfire or a remodel.

What warranty do I have on the Filter Pod?

The Filter Pod comes with a 10-year warranty (parts only). The filter itself does not come with any warranty (unless the filter was not used).

Would a Breathable Intake filter work outside of the Bay Area?

Yes, the Breathable Intake would work in all climates.

Where else can I purchase a Breathable Intake filter?

A Breathable Intake filter is currently available on and on Amazon.

Who can install the Filter Pod for me?

Any licensed HVAC contractor should be able to install a Filter Pod on your central heating/air conditioning system.

How easy it to replace a Breathable Intake filter?

It's super-easy and normally takes about 30 seconds. Just take out the old filter, and install the new filter with the golden arrows pointing towards your furnace fan.