Different Times Call For a Better 16x25x5 MERV 16 Filter

The Breathable Intake central air filter transforms your home's comfort system into a central air purifier.


Unparalleled Wildfire Protection.

A Breathable Intake will transform your central heater or air conditioner into a whole-house air cleaning system.

Lower environmental impact. And bills.

Because it is rated at about half the pressure drop of most traditional filters, the Breathable Intake filter allows your central heating or cooling system to operate more efficiently while keeping the air cleaner.

Less maintenance.

With over four times the particle collection capacity of most filters, Breathable filters will last a year in normal conditions. Less filter replacement means better air quality and fewer chances to damage your system from accidental neglect.

Best In Class Performance

A Breathable Intake filters 0.3 micrometer sized particles which are the biggest concern during a wildfire at 2-20 times the efficiency of the most commonly used filters.


Filtration Performance

A Breathable Intake filters 0.4-0.7 micrometer sized particles which are the biggest concern during a wildfire at 2-20 times the efficiency of the most commonly used filters. 

Air Permeability

A Breathable Intake has 10-20 times the filtration surface area of standard filters. This cuts the pressure drop in half resulting in greater efficiency and less wear and tear on the system.

Ease of Maintenance

The most commonly used air filters require replacement 4 to 12 times a year. A single Breathable Intake filter requires replacement only once a year.

How it works

The Breathable Intake central air filtration system is integrated into your home’s heating and/or air-conditioning system. Once the system is installed, the air distributed throughout your home via the air ducts is thoroughly filtered on an ongoing basis.


A must in every home!

– John R.

Does what it promised (and looks good too!)

– Aurora Z.

Ready for wildfire season

– Katie M.

Super high quality & effective

– Scott L.


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